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Safety Management

After spending three years and many hundreds of thousands of dollars implementing a company-wide safety program, you received quite a few pats on the back.

After all, you had seen a vast improvement in your Workers' Comp costs, and by all other indicators, the new program was working. For a while.

Now, things seem to have slipped back into "normality". Except for when you call them, your facility managers assume that the safety program is up and running and doesn't need their focus anymore...after all, they get paid based on their production, not managing transitional job duties. What happened?

It's not uncommon for Emerson to begin working with a new client who is experiencing something similar to the scenario described here. It's a great safety program and covers all aspects that their broker or consultant recommended. But there's one thing lacking -- teeth.

All players have to have "skin in the game" when it comes to your safety program. There's no way that you, the Director of Risk Management, can stay on top of everyone to assure that faciliy inspections and recommendations are being managed until they're closed. Often, the lynch-pin that prevents the safety program's success from being a flash in the pan is the ability to provide automation and accountability.

Here are a few ways that the eRIMS2 Safety Management features can help:
  • Report Early. The eRIMS2 Incident Module allows users throughout an organization to easily enter accident information that can be routed to the appropriate TPA or Carrier immediately. In addition, detailed investigations can be conducted to analyze behavioral, environmental and ultimately, root causes.
  • Allocate to Motivate. eRIMS2 can be configured to allocate losses based on a variety of factors including reporting lag time, claim closure/reopening, cause or tailor the system to allocate differently by district or location.
  • Make Inspections Simple. By giving eRIMS2 users the ability to conduct facility inspections on their Mobile device, facility inspections are much simpler. They can also be conducted on an ad hoc basis. By the way, eRIMS2 will also follow up to verify that inspection issues are closed and don't repeat.
If you'd like to know more about how eRIMS2 can help your safety program, click here and we'd be glad to show you.

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